God's Financial Plan for the Church

God works by plans.  He has a plan for everything.  God had a plan when He made the universe, a plan when He created man, and a plan for the human family on the earth.  He has a plan of salvation and a plan for the work of His church. God has a plan also for the financing of the great program He gave his church to do.  God gives only one plan of church finance in the Bible and that is Tithes and Offerings from His people.

Now let us go to Malachi 3:8-10 and see what the Bible has to say about Tithes and Offerings.  Assir in Hebrew means give one tenth.  The tithe is the tenth, meaning that God's people are to bring a tenth of their income(s) to the Lord and His work. Offerings are the amounts that are given above the tenth. This is the plan God teaches all through His Word, and it is the one Scriptural plan of church finance. 

Christ taught His disciples tithing.  In Malachi 3:1-4, we are given a prophecy that the Lord will come and teach people how to live righteously and acceptably.  There follows the charge that Israel has robbed God in failing to give the tithe.  In Jesus Christ our Lord, Malachi's prophecy is fulfilled.  Jesus taught in Matthews 23:23 that acceptable living includes the tithe and also the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith.  Not only are we to tithe, but we are to live right too.  The Lord Himself says that we ought to tithe.  Then who are we to say that we should not?